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two sides to every story


I asked my closest friends how they would describe me as a person, no BS. 

Rather than discussing my accomplishments, traumas, or experiences. let's leave those stories for the blog.

Let's hear what they had to say.



You're genuine, caring, and loving heart which makes me feel that you are not just a best friend, but also a sister. You know exactly how I feel ’bout my day in just a moment of silence. You keep on reminding me to go after my dreams! You’re hardworking, passionate and have so much love to give in everything you do.

X X       K.B.      

I’d say you’re a super fun and outgoing person! Super adventurous and down for anything! But also super kind and willing to help your friends and listen whenever they need someone to talk to! 

X X       H.W.      

You are outgoing and caring! Always on the move! Passionate for what you do! Easily convinced! 

X X       J.A.      

Norway Tunnel

1. Outgoing- loves new faces and new experiences. Always looking to expand connections with others

2. Business minded- resourceful with the information at hand 

3. Ambitious- very goal directed and passion to strive at what I’m interested in 

4. Confidence- owning who you are as a person 

5. Artistic and fashionable- knows how to decorate a room or exactly what to wear to the party 

X X       A.S.      

You are one of the more outgoing people that takes life day by day with a smile. I love being around her because she’s always happy and having fun. You’re also a great friend that would sacrifice anything for the people you love.

X X       K.N.      

I would say you’re a strong independent woman that is hard working and a free spirit that is very curious and intelligent, always wanting to try new and different things. 

X X       K.V.      

You are  extroverted and welcoming to all those around. Loyalty and quality are important to her. She is always ready to up and move for a new adventure, but balances with her work life in mind. Her confidence is glowing and is always there for others. 

X X       M.K.      

Norway Tunnel
Concrete Architecture

I would say

She is one of the most fun people I’ve ever met. She’s always ready for an adventure & takes life so fearlessly. She’s such a good friend whose qualities like honesty & compassion I adore. 

X X       M.A.      

As the girl who always introduces herself with her first and last name. You are one of the most genuine person anyone will meet. she is, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to, and a person that will love all your flaws. She will be there to pick up the pieces if you were broken into thousands. You are also the most out going person. She always says YES.  She’s a person who lives second by second and will live to tell her wild stories. No wonder why she knows everyone. 

your ride or die, and that is why she is my ride or die. 

X X       S.P.      

Hm I’d have to say you’re absolutely crazy to begin with lmao, you’re down to do just about anything because of your free spirit and soul that’s looking for the next adventure. You’re definitely optimistic and strategic about what you do, and you are very driven and focused when it comes down to it. Whenever you’re given a task, you get it done and stay very organized at well. You’re a fashionista at heart who’s energy is always positive and sweet!

X X       G.M.      

I would explain you as very outgoing in such an amazing you. You are always on the seek to go explore and doing something new and spontaneous every day. You don’t take life for granted and always live life to the fullest.You always light up a room with your radiant spirit, you inspire people just by being you and I will never take you for granted you have everyone’s back no matter how long you haven’t talked to someone you always reconnect right where you left off.

X X       M.Q.      

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