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Here First

I always felt like if I didn't write down what happened I'd forget and it's true. The days would pass and pieces of the story would start to become fuzzy. Fear of not being able to remember the good and bad memories. I didn't want them to just fade away, so I've always loved to Journal. When I was young it was mainly about boys that I thought I loved lol, drama between friends, and many wonderful travel adventures.

The older you get, life becomes more complex. Although it feels like you have less time than you did when you were younger. The clock is running and if you don't run with it, you'll fall behind.

As time passes I can never remember how I truly felt in that moment, sometimes I don't want to remember. Reading back through my journals makes me laugh because all I can think about is "Why did I care so much?" So dramatic, as if I thought my life was over but here I am years later laughing at myself for even thinking that way.

I was a wild child to say the least. I have no idea who taught me to live like there is no tomorrow, no consequences, but here we are.

21, these Journal entries are a little too wild that sometimes I can't even believe that it happened. As some stories aren't always meant to be told, most are.

While this blog is a space for me to write, it's also a place for me to grow.

I can be an open book at times but i'm also very closed off. I used to be almost too honest, oversharing and in the end I was hurt by people I trusted. I hope to be okay with letting myself truly trust people and not just on the surface. Although, never trust anyone is a good start, learning who to trust is where we start.


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